The Man Behind
the Mission

“We can do better than dirt.” – Thierry Ollivier

Founder and CEO of Natierra

After many years working to source organic and fair-trade mangos from Haiti, Thierry Ollivier learned that some Haitian women and children were suffering from extreme stomach discomfort because of eating mud cookies with the intent to trick their bodies into feeling full. Seeing this firsthand in the field, Thierry realized he had missed something very important, and that the Company’s work to source ethical product from Haiti and create jobs for Haitian people wasn’t enough. “Our business sells superfoods with soul – we can and must do better than dirt.” It was at that moment, Thierry and his team began the work that would result in a partnership with Convoy of Hope to launch Natierra® Feed a Soul Project that gives a meal to a Haitian child for every purchase from its line of Superfoods products. The goal? Provide a million meals to children in need by 2018.


The Feed a Soul Project is the next chapter in a superfood revolution, led by Thierry Ollivier. Paris, France born and raised, Thierry moved to Los Angeles in 1995 to pursue a career in the importing business. Bringing unique products to the U.S. was thrilling for Ollivier, who always had a spark to seek out the unknown. Ollivier launched BrandStorm Inc, in 2002 bringing with him over ten years of experience in the organic, natural, gourmet and specialty food industry. As the pioneer who brought the sacred, pink salt from the Himalayas and, what has become a pillar of the superfood industry, the Organic Goji Berries, to the United States specialty food market, his travels to foreign lands provided the opportunity to source unique superfoods and the gourmet salts that quickly evolved into beloved household brands known around the world today. Ollivier has not only hand-harvested new, innovative products straight from the source, but continuously sets new standards with the brand’s commitment to forging responsible business decisions. Natierra seeks out the finest ingredients produced in accordance with organic and non-GMO standards, as well as Fair Trade standards when possible.

Through Ollivier’s leadership, Natierra strives to develop and provide opportunity by promoting ethical partnerships in all stages of production, from farmers to employees to consumers. Responsible sourcing promotes empowerment for small-scale farmers and their families through fair wages, working environments and better access to proper healthcare and education.


Every day is an adventure for Thierry as he travels the world seeking out innovative and delicious superfoods while donning his signature blue cheche, a cloth used by travelers and nomads to protect themselves from the harsh elements. At Natierra, the cheche is a symbol for the journey to create meaningful relationships with the earth and its partners who define the soul of the business – a soul that feeds the bodies, minds and spirits of everyone connected to the company.


Natierra® Buy One Feed One Initiative

With the help of our NGO partner, Convoy of Hope, when you buy a bag of Natierra® Superfoods, we donate one fortified rice meal to one Haitian child in need. This encourages them to stay in school and prepare for jobs, which will help support their families further. Together we can make a simple yet impactful difference.