Our Values and Impact

Our Soul

After many years working to source organic and fair-trade mangos from Haiti, Thierry Ollivier learned that some Haitian women and children were suffering from extreme stomach discomfort because of eating mud cookies with the intent to trick their bodies into feeling full. Seeing this firsthand in the field, Thierry realized he had missed something very important, and that the Company’s work to source ethical product from Haiti and create jobs for Haitian people wasn’t enough. “Our business sells superfoods with soul – we can and must do better than dirt.” It was at that moment, Thierry and his team began the work that would result in a partnership with Convoy of Hope to launch Natierra® Feed a Soul Project that gives a meal to a Haitian child for every purchase from its line of Superfoods products. The goal? Provide a million meals to children in need by 2018.


Mission Statement

Natierra® offers unique and innovative superfoods with a strong commitment to foster social progress and sustainable business through organic practices, while feeding people in need through the Natierra® Feed a Soul Project. Through the Natierra® Feed a Soul Project, your purchase allows us to donate one nutritious meal to a child in need with the help of our giving partners. Our soul and values exist so that together, we can make a simple yet impactful difference in the world.

Our Roots

Thierry Ollivier, Natierra’s® founder and CEO, opened the doors of BrandStorm Inc. by launching Himalania® Pink Salt, then Himalania® Goji Berries on the forefront of superfood innovation. The success of these products propelled the brand into a thriving superfood and gourmet salt line savored around the world. With the momentum of Himalania® well underway, Thierry honed his expertise in the organic industry to launch Nature’s All Foods®, the first organic and Fair Trade freeze-dried fruit and veggie line. Nature’s All Foods® couples the most appealing organic fruits with a sophisticated freeze-drying process to deliver the most premium method of preserving taste and healthful nutritional benefits. In 2014, to further reinforce his personal and corporate mission, Thierry introduced Natierra®, in turn harmonizing household names Himalania® and Nature’s All Foods®under one future-focused brand. Learn more about the man behind the mission.


Our Commitments

In 2015, Natierra® launched a major philanthropic endeavor; the Feed a Soul Project. The Feed a Soul Project reinforces the brand’s mission to foster social progress and sustainable business practices throughout the world. The project launched three key initiatives; the Buy One Bag, Feed One Child Initiative, the Andes Back to School Program, and membership in the 1% For The Planet Association.

Buy One, Feed One

Through the Buy One, Feed One Program, your purchase allows us to donate one meal to a Haitian child in need with the help of our partner, Convoy of Hope. Learn how you can help us donate one million meals by 2018.


Andes Back to School Program

The Andes Back to School Program provides notebooks, textbooks and school uniforms free of charge to children of salt harvesters in South America. On a trip to source Natierra®’s Fair Trade InkaSalt, Ollivier witnessed first hand the hurdles local children faced when attempting to acquire materials to attend school. Ollivier worked directly with local communities in South America to establish a program to make attending and succeeding at school as attainable as possible for local children.

1% For The Planet

Natierra® has partnered with 1% For The Planet as an additional way to give back by donating 1% of our sales of InkaSalt. Along with more than 1,200 other companies, who donate 1% of their profits, 1% For The Planet is able to give back more than $150 million dollars to nonprofit social and environmental causes.