Difference Between Dehydrated and Freeze-Dried Foods

It can be difficult to differentiate between freeze-dried and dehydrated foods on the grocery shelves. Shoppers struggle to spot differences between the drying options and assume that they are similar products. There are important differences that not only affect nutrition but shelf life as well.

If it’s nutrition that you’re looking for, freeze-dried fruits and vegetables are the superior option. While dehydrated foods may maintain approximately 50-60% of the natural nutrients found in the original food, freeze-dried foods can maintain up to 97% of their original nutrients. This makes freeze-dried a better option for those who are more health conscious and want the unique texture of freeze-dried/dehydrated foods without losing the nutritional value of fresh.

Taste is subjective, but most believe that freeze-dried foods taste better and there seems to be a science behind it. While the dehydration process typically uses heat to remove water which also tends to remove some of the natural flavors present in the food, the freeze-drying process uses little heat. Not only does this supposedly retain flavor, but it has also been attributed as the reason why the crunch is so present in freeze-dried foods.

Here at Natierra®, we’re very proud of the quality of our Freeze-Dried products and believe they’re a major part of our Soul.

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