How We Turn Your Everyday Purchases into Lifetime Impact on Children in Need

How We Turn Your Everyday Purchases into Lifetime Impact on Children in Need

Last week, we reached 350,000 meals given to children in need in Haiti, and we couldn’t be more grateful! To celebrate, we are taking you behind the scenes today, sharing with you how our Feed A Soul project started!

Our founder Thierry has been working for many years to source organic and fair-trade mangos from Haiti. That’s how he came across reports that some Haitian women and children were suffering from extreme stomach discomfort because of eating mud cookies. These ”mud cookies” were a way for them to trick their bodies into feeling full. Thierry thought: “Natierra sells Superfoods with Soul. We can do better than dirt!” Thus the idea of Feed A Soul project was born: moving forward, every purchase of a bag of our Superfoods line would fund a meal for a child in need in Haiti.

The next step was to look for the right non-profit partner who would help deliver the meals. There are so many great nonprofits doing amazing things, it was hard to choose! Convoy of Hope quickly appeared to be a reliable partner, driven by wonderful and passionate people. To date, Convoy of Hope has served more than 80 million people since it was founded in 1994. It was a no brainer to select them! On March 1st, Jeff and Kevin from Convoy of Hope came to our office in California to officially launch our project. It was happening, our superfoods were now giving back!

To make it clearer for our customers, we created a sticker for our packaging, that said “Buy One Bag, Feed One Child”. Now every person seeing our products at their local grocery store would know that every superfood item from Natierra was giving back one meal to a child in Haiti.

These everyday purchase decisions, made at local stores or online, by customers from all around the country, bring us to today, and the 350,000 meals given to date. We’re beyond grateful for the impact you’re helping us make, and working hard to reach our goal to give a million meals by 2018!

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