Shelled Hemp Seeds

Once a staple ingredient used by ancient civilizations, hemp seeds promote great longevity thanks to their ability to nourish and fuel in their natural state. Natierra Organic Shelled Hemp Seeds are lightly dusted with 100% natural Himalayan Pink Salt, giving them a mild, nutty flavor. Each serving provides an excellent source* of Magnesium, Iron and Protein with an optimal balance of healthy Omega-3 and Omega -6 essential fats. Our sustainable Superfoods make a delicious addition to a well-balanced diet.

The Benefits

✔ Excellent source of Protein, Magnesium and Iron
✔ A good source of Potassium
✔ With 3g Omega-3 / 9g Omega-6 per serving

How To Use It

Carefully roasted hemp seeds impart a mild, nutty flavoring, pair perfectly with salads, soups, yogurts, and cereals.


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