The Natierra® Soul Project

The Natierra® Soul Project is our commitment to give back to the communities responsible for the treasures that we share with our customers. It is because of their hard work and their love for the land, that we are able to offer the highest quality of Superfoods. As a Fair for Life Certified Company, we are determined to ensure that our partners all over the world are paid fair wages and have access to things like health care and education. Quality products and quality partnerships are the ingredients for Superfoods with Soul.

One Percent for the Planet

Natierra has partnered with 1% for the Planet as an additional way to give back with our InkaSalt® line. Along with more than 1,200 other companies, who donate 1% of their profits, 1% for the Planet gives back more than $100 million dollars to nonprofit social and environmental causes.

Andes Back to School Program

Natierra® will offer free notebooks, textbooks, and school uniforms to children of salt harvesters in South America. On a recent trip to source Natierra’s Fair Trade InkaSalt™, our CEO and founder, Thierry Ollivier, witnessed firsthand the hurdles children face when acquiring materials to go to school. In addition to our fair wage commitment, we worked directly with the local community to establish a program to make attending school – and succeeding at it – as easy as possible for local children.

Kausay Wasi Clinic

Natierra® will sponsor families living in extreme poverty, unable to afford basic health care and other critical needs. This new initiative is sponsored by the Natierra Soul Project, on the heels of, and directly connected to its newest product launch: Chia Crunch.