Our Roots

Thierry Ollivier, Natierra® founder, CEO and president, opened the doors of BrandStorm Inc by launching Himalania® Pink Salt, then Himalania®  Goji Berries on the forefront of superfood innovation. The success of these products propelled the brand into a thriving superfood and gourmet salt line savored around the world.

With the momentum of Himalania® well underway, Ollivier honed his expertise in the organic industry to launch Nature’s All Foods®, the first organic and Fair Trade freeze-dried fruits and veggies line. Nature’s All Foods® couples the most appealing organic fruits with a sophisticated freeze-dried process to deliver the most premium method of preserving taste and healthful nutritional benefits.

In 2014, to further reinforce his personal and corporate mission, Ollivier introduced Natierra® in turn harmonizing household names Himalania and Nature’s All Foods under one future-focused brand.

Our Travels & Encounters

Inspired by Ollivier’s decade of world travels, Natierra® fuses the spirit of adventure and the celebration of health and community to bring conscious consumers unique superfoods, gourmet salts and on-the-go snacks. With an extensive array of nutrient-rich ingredients, and a dedication to corporate responsibility, Natierra® celebrates life journey, life travel and life discovery through meaningful partnerships, worldwide philanthropy and healthy food options.

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